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Camlock Coupling

Stainless Steel Camlock fittings are also named as Cam and Groove Fittings or Camlock Coupling. Camlock Hose Fittings are widely used in the pipeline that carries liquids, powders, and granules, and also application in food or sanitary environments & highly corrosive applications.

These design stainless steel products which including with Camlock quick connect is easy to connect with pipes, tubing or hoses. Normally with male adaptor ends, female coupler ends and flanges end.

Stainless Steel Camlock fittings included with Type A, B, C, D, E, F, DC & DP from 1/2” to 4”. SS Camlock coupling produced to European standard (EN14420-7) are interchangeable with those produced to the original MIL-C27487 Standard. The difference between them is about hose tail design, thread, and part number.

All of Leadtek cam & grooved fittings are designed with two locking handle with a safety pin. This ensures the coupler and adaptor remain connected.

Handles (Cam's arms) and safety pin are made of stainless steel 304. Standard gaskets for our Camlock fittings are black NBR, EPDM, Viton, PTFE, etc

The advantage of Cam's arms (Handles) Special design from Leadtek:

1. Ergonomic and labor-saving - The raised smooth dots play a friction role and effectively protect your hands.

2. Widened and Thickened - Strong practicability and long service life.


Working Pressure Rating (PSI)

Operating pressure depends on the temperature, the high temperature will reduce the pressure rating of Camlock coupling as well with Teflon (PTFE) gasket. The max working temperature of PTFE Camlock fittings is under 120 degrees. So below pressure datasheet is under the middle-temperature situation, if any special working place, please contact us for details.

Stainless Steel Camlock Coupling Operation Pressure
Size Working Pressure
1/2" 150 PSI
3/4" to 2" 250 PSI
2-1/2" 225 PSI
3" 200 PSI
4", 5" & 6" 100 PSI

Warning: All types of stainless steel Camlocks are NOT for use with compressed air, gases or steam.


  • Remain High Strength at high temperature
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Easy to Installation
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Product Description:

  • Body material: ASTM A351 CF8(304), ASTM A351 CF8M(316)
  • Handles & Pins: Stainless Steel 304
  • Types: A, B,C,D,E, F, DC & DP
  • Size: 1/2" to 6"
  • Working Pressure: Less than 250PSI
  • Connections: male adaptor ends, female coupler, Hose tails.

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