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Ball Valve

Leadtek’s ball valve almost in stainless steel material - SS304 & SS316. And some material in carbon steel (ASTM A216 WCB). Normally we have plenty of stock for BSPT Threaded Ball Valve in SS304. Certainly, BSP, NPT also have small stock.

Ball Valve is one type of quarter-turn valve, is quite literally a ball placed in a passageway through which fluid flows. The ball has a hole through it, by which the valve opens and closes. The ball valve is mainly used in the pipeline to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium.

Such as 1pc Ball Valve, 2pc Ball Valve, 3pc Ball Valve, 3 Way Ball Valve, etc. This valve is generally installed horizontally. A threaded Ball Valve is the type of ball valve with a thread connection. In addition, there are flange ball valves, butt-welded ball valves, and socket-welded ball valves.

  • One Piece Ball Valve (1PC)

This design ball valve has a body and end connections formed from a single piece of material.

Three different kinds of handle: 1. Normal lever handle; 2. Lock Lever Handle; 3. Wing Butterfly Handle
There is one construction that is the same as a 1 piece ball valve, it has the name of a mini ball valve.

Mini Ball Valve lies in the name itself, it is always in mini size from 1/8" to 1". It is always with the polished outside surface, with FF, MF, and MM thread connections.

Advantage: Total cost is the cheapest compare with other design ball valves.

Disadvantage: When the valves leaks, it couldn't be repaired, needs to replace directly.

  • Two-Piece Ball Valve (2PC)

This design ball valve consists of two separate pieces, one is the valve bodies, the other is a bonnet(cap).

For 2pc screwed ball valve, the connection between them being either threaded.

For 2pc flanged ball valves, with the 4 or 6 bolts connection between bodies and flange ends.

The 2nd photo is 2pc ball valve Korea type, we both have a standard port (reduced bore) & full bore design.

Advantage: 1. Between the same quality ball valves, the 2-piece ball valve is relatively more resistant to high pressure.

2. When the valves leaks, it could be repaired by changing the sealing or packing.

Disadvantage: When replacing parts, the valve needs to be removed from the pipeline and connections only in thread or flanges.

  • Three Piece Ball Valve (3PC)

This design ball valve consists of three pieces, one body, and two end caps. Two caps could be the female thread, butt-welded(BW), socket welded (SW), Clamp Ends, Long Butt Welded Ends, Male Thread and flange ends.
And there parts connection with 4 bolts and nuts.

Advantage: 1. Easier disassembly and maintenance than 1-piece and 2-piece

2. More connections for choosing.

Disadvantage: The total cost also the highest compare with the other two design ball valves.

  • Three-Way Ball Valve (T type & L type Ball Valves)

This design ball valve is tee through type, the flow of the medium is completely different from straight-through type.

3 Way Ball Valve has two different designs, L type, and T type. The outlooks are the same between these two different valves.

The only difference is of the balls inside the valve bodies. Normally, L type ball valve price is a little higher than T type.

Advantage: It could change the flow direction of the medium.

L port & T port Ball 3 Way Ball Valve Positions Possibles

  • Ball Valve with Pneumatic & Electric Actuator

This design ball valve with ISO 5211 high mounting pad, could install with a pneumatic or electric actuator directly.

They are more suitable for automated equipment. All of upon ball valves have ISO5211 pad design.

Advantage: 1. Fully automatic switch

2. It can also be equipped with a handle, manually operated.

Disadvantage: 1. The total cost is high, need requires supporting actuator.

2. If using the handle, the torque will be higher than other manual ball valves.

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