ANSI B16.5 150LB Thread Flanges
ANSI B16.5 150LB Thread Flanges
ANSI B16.5 150LB Thread Flanges

ANSI B16.5 150LB Thread Flanges

Model NO.:
US $ 0.30-15.63 / pieces
Minimum order quantity:
5 pieces
Supply Ability:
36500 pieces / Day
Stock Time:
45 Days

What is Thread Flange?

Thread flange is flange with thread connections. It also has FF & RF Types.

The internal hole of the flange is processed into thread and connected with the threaded pipe.

Advantage: It is convenient for installation and maintenance, it could be used on some pipelines where welding is not allowed. Such as for alloy steel flanges. As its sufficient strength, so it is not easy to weld and the welding performance also is not good. Threaded flanges can be selected.

Disadvantage: It is easy leakage if under the condition that the temperature of the pipeline changes sharply or the temperature is higher than 260 ℃ or lower than -45℃. And it is also not suitable for flammable/explosive and highly hazardous locations.

ANSI B16.5 150LB Thread Flange

        Size                Pipe OD A        OD        Bolt Circle                Bolt Hole                                Sealing FaceThicknessIDHT2

1. How to make sure the raw material is real material which we need?
  Firstly, we have our own casting foundry. We control our products’ quality start from raw material. The proportion of fixed raw materials, professional operation process, and detection of spectrometer imported from Germany.

2. Can we laser marking our logo or others on the pipe fittings?

  Yes, it is acceptable.

3. Can we require custom packaging, such as color boxes, etc?

  Yes, certainly. It depends on how many quantities do you need. It also will increase the total cost.

4. Can we cast our logo on the valves or print the logo on the handle sheath cover?

  Yes, the Casting logo on the valves, depends on quantities. Our suggestion is laser marking on it. Print the logo on the handle sheath cover, it is free to design for our customer.

5. Are samples available to be sent for free?

  Almost Yes, it depends on the value of the products. There are thousands of our products with different products and sizes. You can contact us for a particular answer.

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