ANSI B16.5 150LB Socket Welded Flanges (SW Flange)
5 pieces
36500pieces / Day

What is Socket Welded Flanges( SW Flange)?

The Socket Welded Flange is also named SW Flange. The basic shape of the socket welded flange is the same as the flat welding neck flange. Pipe need to insert into the flange ID to an appropriate position and then lap welding. Because there is a gap between the socket weld flange and the groove, it is easy to cause corrosion. If a seam is welded inside, this problem can be avoided. SW Flanges both welded on the inner and outer sides have a fatigue strength 5% greater than flat welded flanges and the same static strength.

When using socket welded flanges, its ID must be the same as the ID of the pipe.

It is only suitable for pipes with DN150 or less.

ANSI B16.5 150LB Socket Welded Flange

Socket Welded Flanges

Unit: mm

SizePipe OD AODBolt CircleBolt HoleSocket HoleThicknessID2HT2RF

1. How to make sure the raw material is real material which we need?
Firstly, we have our own casting foundry. We control our products’ quality start from raw material. The proportion of fixed raw materials, professional operation process, and detection of spectrometer imported from Germany.

2. Can we laser marking our logo or others on the pipe fittings?

Yes, it is acceptable.

3. Can we require custom packaging, such as color boxes, etc?

Yes, certainly. It depends on how many quantities do you need. It also will increase the total cost.

4. Can we cast our logo on the valves or print the logo on the handle sheath cover?

Yes, the Casting logo on the valves, depends on quantities. Our suggestion is laser marking on it. Print the logo on the handle sheath cover, it is free to design for our customer.

5. Are samples available to be sent for free?

Almost Yes, it depends on the value of the products. There are thousands of our products with different products and sizes. You can contact us for a particular answer.