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slip on flange
ANSI B16.5 150 LB Lap Joint Flange
5 pieces
36500pieces / Day

What is Loose Flange(Lap Joint Flange)?

The connection of loose flange (Lap Joint Flange) is actually achieved by welding.

The difference is this type flange not welded with pipe directly, it uses the auxiliary component(such as stub end) welded with the pipe instead, and then the auxiliary component and the gasket are compressed by a connecting bolt. And the flange(Loose Flange) itself does not connect with the medium.

Flat welding and butt welding both available.


1. Saving total cost. When the pipe material is special and expensive, welding the same material of the flange is expensive. You can choose the loose flange. (Flange could be a different material, only need auxiliary component material is the same as pipe material).

2. This flange could be rotated to easily align the bolt holes, and it is easy to install on large diameter pipes.

3.Suitable for places where pipes need to be disassembled frequently for cleaning or inspection. Or if you want to align the flange bolt hole, it only needs to turn the flange without rotating the pipe.


1. Withstand low pressure.

2. The strength at the welding ring is low (especially when the thickness is less than 3mm)

ANSI B16.5 150LB Lap Joint Flange

SizePipe OD AODBolt CircleBolt HoleSealing FaceThicknessIDHT

1. How to make sure the raw material is real material which we need?
Firstly, we have our own casting foundry. We control our products’ quality start from raw material. The proportion of fixed raw materials, professional operation process, and detection of spectrometer imported from Germany.

2. Can we laser marking our logo or others on the pipe fittings?

Yes, it is acceptable.

3. Can we require custom packaging, such as color boxes, etc?

Yes, certainly. It depends on how many quantities do you need. It also will increase the total cost.

4. Can we cast our logo on the valves or print the logo on the handle sheath cover?

Yes, the Casting logo on the valves, depends on quantities. Our suggestion is laser marking on it. Print the logo on the handle sheath cover, it is free to design for our customer.

5. Are samples available to be sent for free?

Almost Yes, it depends on the value of the products. There are thousands of our products with different products and sizes. You can contact us for a particular answer.