How to Choose Good Quality Pipe Fittings?


How to Choose Good Quality Pipe Fittings?

Welcome to Leadtek Fluid Products Knowledge Page. Today let's talk about " How to choose good quality pipe fittings?".

Please pay more attention as below 3 mentions(Which some suppliers will not told you)

1) Pipe Fittings' Material

Regarding for Stainless Steel 304 material: In China local market, there is different quality level of materials.

Such as stainless steel 304 standard is with at least 8 Nickel and 18 Cr. However, not all named 304 material with standard chemical element composition. Few suppliers want to reduce the raw material cost, sometimes they will choose maybe 7.5-7.8 Nickel, or 8 Nickel with 17 Cr.

2) Pipe Fittings' Weight(Wall Thickness, Dimension Size)

For all stainless steel products, no matter pipe fittings or ball valves, the most important factor affecting prices is unit weight. Clients who purchase from China for the first time will always be puzzled by this issue.- Why looks same products, has so many different prices. Not just 2 or 3 different price, even each factoriy has different price level.

This is because of unit weight, such as the wall thickness, length, etc.

3) Different Processing Methods

Normally for small size (1/8" to 3/4"), most of manufacture choose tapping machine instead of CNC mahine.

The difference between Tapping machined thread and CNC machined thread.

    • Tapping machine thread is production fast than CNC machine.- CNC machined thread pipe fittings cost will increased.
    • CNC machined thread precision will be much better than tapping machined thread.
    • For small size CNC machine thread is more difficult than Tapping machine, and waste cutting head, increase total cost again.

However,for leadtek pipe fittings, no matter female thread or male thread, we all choose CNC mahined.

Any further doubts,please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your reading.