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Stainless Steel Hose Tail Fitting

Item No : LTFTP-11
Size : 1/8"-4"
Material : SS304(CF8,SUS304,1.4308),SS316(CF8M,SUS316,1.4408), SS304L,SS316L
Max Pressure : SCH20,SCH40
Connection : Male Thread & Hosetails
Introduction :Manufactures of Hose Tail Fitting in Stainless Steel 304/316 material.Our Hose Tail Fitting, one is casting made with Hex Head(Octa Head), the other Hose Tail Fitting is made from Pipe Directly.
Product Detail

What is Stainless Steel Pipe Nipple?

Welcome to Leadtek Fluid - China Manufactures of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings & Valves.

Stainless Steel Pipe Nipple, it is pipe fittings which produced from Pipe directly. For our fittings one is casting items, the other is made from pipe directly. Incluiding with Coupling(SCH20,SCH40 etc), Half Coupling (SCH20,SCH40 etc) Barrel Nipple(SCH20,SCH40 etc), Welding Nipple(SCH20,SCH40 etc), Hose Tail Fitting etc. Dimension OD & ID could machined by customer required.

Hose Tail Fitting Description

1. Item No : LTFTP-11

2. Size: 1/8”-4”

3. Max Pressure: SCH20,SCH40 etc.

4. Machined from Pipe Directly.(Seamless Pipe or Weld Pipe)

5. End connection:

Male Thread & Hosetais-BS21(BSPT & BSPP), ANSI B2.1(NPT), DIN259/2999,ISO 228

7. Material: SS304(CF8,SUS304,1.4308),SS316(CF8M,SUS316,1.4408), SS304L,SS316L

9. Outside Surface Treatment: 

  • Pipe Color
  • Polished
  • Rolling Sand

10. OEM is acceptable and manufacture special requirements according to your drawings.

11. Similar Casting items of Hose Tail Fitting with Hex Head, please check it.

Stainless Steel Hose Nipple

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