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Leadtek 3PC Ball Valve with ISO5211 Mounting Pad

06 Feb 2018

There is a lot different price and quality lever about ball valves in China local market. And how to find out same price in best quality lever? Mainly reflects the following 6 points:

1) . Improve the ISO5211 Pad

When actuator valve stem side is leaking at work, it can be urgently tightened up. And it is just needs the common tools, no need take off the actuator with special tools.

3PC Ball Valve New Design Pad  3PC Ball Valve Old Design     

2) Stem with One more O-ring Sealing

Enhanced sealing property,new stem add one or two more green O-Ring.

O Ring Sealing Stem  Normal SteM 

Stem with Thread- Actuator or manual handle both are OK. Certainly, without thread also is ok for us, if you required. And stem with open side marking.

Stem with Thread 

3. Two separated Seat Design-Low torque than normally Seat

Two Seperated Seat Design  Normal PTFE Seat Design     

4. Body Inside Machined by CNC.

 Make sure the inside is round, reduce the degree of wear between ball and valve walls.

Body Inside Machined by CNC  Normal Body 

 5. Material:

All trims (except handle and lock) at least in 304 material, without 201.

Such as bolts, nuts, washers in 304, only handle and lock in 201.

6. Pressure Testing

3PC Ball Valve Packing

100% 0.8mpa air pressure testing and keep it in 24 hours to ensure that each valve meets the requirements.

Each tested valves with paste”100% tested”.

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